Venue Shopping

Third time’s a charm, right?

I have gone through our wedding over and over in my head. I haven’t been able to decide between an elopement or traditional wedding. I alllmost decided on an elopement…and then I started to think about what I’d miss out on. One of those things being: my dad walking me down the aisle. SO the venue search continued.

The first venue we saw, I loved! It was everything. Except, the convenience of things weren’t there and it was so big. The second venue was lovely but then my dearest future hubby decided NO to any outdoor weddings, or semi outdoor weddings. OK, no problem. So, that leads us to this moment…

TA-DA! Venue number 3! It’s a merge of 1 and 2!! Weird, I know! It’s industrial, It’s got an outdoor feel but has AC, and it’s not too big! We think this may be the one. Like, for real this time. Maybe. I hope.


p.s. about 4 years ago I attended a fashion show here. I walked into the room and thought, this is where I’m getting married.

p.s.s. have a happy and safe labor day weekend! gonna go enjoy lots of family time and water park fun this weekend!

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Nopalito in SF.

oops! I almost forgot to share one of our favorite food spots in SF! Nopalito is SO good. California Mexican, in a good way. The food was SO fresh, and the details were so nice. It was a quaint little brunch spot-he had the ceviche, and I had the chilaquiles. If you’re in town we highly recommend it. Can’t wait to go back!


photos by: dove designs

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Dress Shopping

I never thought I’d be a last minute bride but it looks like that’s exactly what I’m turning out to be. Decision making for me is not the easiest. I am a perfectionist and I’m always thinking "is this the very best option?". So yeah, I’m a little nuts.

I haven’t picked the wedding venue yet but my dearest and I stumbled upon another we really really like, (and agree on)! The minute that’s confirmed it’s DRESS TIME! I wanted to share a few I have found so far and love. The search is on and when this all comes together I am going to be very proud of myself ;) .

Happy Tuesday! (it’s only Tuesday?!)


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This guy + life.

Since meeting my dear a couple of years ago life hasn’t slowed down.
In good ways and bad. I’ve been overwhelmed, sad, happy, ecstatic, frustrated, mad, and everything in between. It hasn’t been an easy road but anything worth having takes work. There’s been plenty of times I feel like giving up on everything I try to take on. BUT this guy is always there to pick me up and help me carry all my baggage along the way.

I feel like ranting about feelings a bit because just like most people on this planet the passing of Robin Williams really hit me. It made me so sad that someone could be in that much pain. No one deserves emotional or physical pain. Love each other, know it’s OK to not always be cheery, talk about it, and most of all….

 “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
-Ian Maclaren



Getting lost.

That is sort of my specialty. Whether I’m at home or out of town, it’s just kind of my thing. Thank goodness this guy just goes with the flow and doesn’t really get ticked at it.

In SF on our way to find something or another we stumbled upon some wooded areas…so we walked and walked, then finally found some row boats. It was between row boats and paddle boats, I picked paddle boats. Can you believe I can’t even reach the paddles?! Embarrassing. So instead I enjoyed the pretty scenery and this hot guy.


photos by: dove designs

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California Donuts!

Traveling for good donuts is what I do!
It took me for-ev-err to decide! I had been wondering about the cronut since the whole cronut explosion so I finally got to taste one! Then not only did they have an endless amount of yummy donuts, they had an endless drink list too! That was an easy choice though…horchata Shake. I am an horchata addict, and let me tell you-Cali does it right!


photos by: dove designs

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Looking for a venue…

Still looking? Yes we are.
I found one I loved and everyone else liked (on profile in case you missed it). I found it back in June…It’s AUGUST people! And…I’m still undecided. SO, we took a drive out to check this one out. I like it, and everyone else likes it better than the first (go figure). I’m happy with both. They both have there own style and charm.

The lucky thing is they have our date open…but we better be quick! I just can’t seem to finalize anything! What’s wrong with me? Should I just go to city hall and call it a day? Like these two; freaking swoon right?

I guess I just want a perfect day just like every other bride-I’m just not sure what’s going to make that yet..


photos by: (top photo courtesy of Bammel Lane)
(following photos by dove designs)

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